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Everything for Sewing

Whether you are looking for a new sewing machine, parts or service for your existing machine, or just supplies, we more than likely have what you are looking for.  Come explore the world of sewing and let Schiller's help you make sewing fun.

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We are able to sell only a limited selection of sewing machines online.  If we sell it online it will have a "Buy It Now" price.  If there is no price then the company has restricted this sewing machine to in-store sales ONLY and do not allow us to post any pricing on our website.  We do price every msewing machine on our display floor.  


We are now able to ship a limited selection of sewing machines directly to you.  If the machine that you are interested in has a "Buy It Now" price then we can ship it to you (typically at no additional cost).  If it indicates that the machine is limited to "in-store ONLY" then we are not allowed by the manufacturer to ship that machine to you.

In general, most of our electronic sewing machines will come with 5 years of unlimited free maintenance (there are a small number of the economy prices electronic sewing machines that we need to exclude). Unfortunately, this does NOT include any of our sergers since they naturally produce a significant amount of cutting debris and should be cleaned after each use (or at least fairly frequently).

We are proud to carry the Brother, Baby Lock and Elna product lines. Although, over the years we have carried virtually every brand of sewing machines, some brands (that we have eventually discontinued selling) have definitely not maintained the high quality standards for both production and service that we insist upon.

We are now authorized to sell a limited selection of sewing machines by both Brother and Baby Lock.  These machines are clearly marked with a "Buy It Now" price.  Virtually all sewing machine companies do NOT allow the sale of their premium sewing machines online.  Although we realize that this may seem unfair, it was done to eliminate cutthroat pricing and mandate that the buyer (you) have the support and training that needs to come with the purchase of the more sophisticated (and complex) sewing machines.

We would need a truly enormous store if we tried to carry all of the sewing cabinets that we sell. Since we handle the cabinets from a number of manufacturers, and most cabinets are available in different finishes, having in-store samples of them is not feasible. We DO have on display a significant selection of Koala sewing furniture. All sewing furniture is ordered and shipped directly from the manufacturers. In many cases your cabinet will be shipped directly to your home.

If it is a sewing machine that we can sell online then we will ship it to you.  If it is restricted to in-store sales then we cannot ship it (per our dealer agreement with the manufacturer).

Due to COVID Pandemic we are currently limiting our one-on-one instruction to virtual instruction.  We hope that this situation will end soon and we will be able to go back to our "normal" instruction.  

We will provide unlimited free training and instruction on your sewing machine for as long as you own it. Training is done in a one-on-one format. Typically we recommend that you give the store a call and we can find a mutually available time for you and an instructor. If you are trying to get training on a Saturday it may be a little more difficult to quickly arrange a time slot. Instruction is provided on virtually any aspect of your machine both functionally (ie. how do I make it work) and practically (I am trying to do "this" do I do it properly). Our goal is to make you a success in using your machine.