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Frequently Asked Questions


We are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM . Our hours on Saturday are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  We are closed on Sunday and Monday. Hours can change without notice (emergencies, weather, etc.).

We are typically closed for major holidays such as: New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Although we are not a true "fabric store", we do carry a variety of fat quarters and fat quarter sets.  

If you are looking for a wider variety of fabrics for quilting, clothing, crafting etc. we would recommend Stitch Chicks in North Franklin.

OK, this question I could write a book about. The overall answer is NO (there are some exceptions when dealing with handvacs and electric brooms). The main reason is that, in general, the bagless vacuums actually cost more to operate, are dirtier and have a significantly shorter life expectancy than comparable bagged units. In our opinion, many brands (including Dyson, Shark and Bissell) are designed to look impressive but in the end are not the best performers or have significant longevity issues.

This is another virtually impossible question to answer. The short of it is that the "best" vacuum is the one that best fits your needs and your budget. That is why we are here. Our goal is to understand your needs and to help you find the vacuum cleaner that best matches what you are cleaning and fits a budget that you are comfortable with. With almost a hundred different vacuum cleaners to choose from we are pretty good at being able to find the "right" one for most everyone.

Again, that depends upon your needs. If the primary type of surface that you are cleaning is rugs then an upright vacuum will work best. If most of what you are cleaning is bare floors then a canister vacuum is a better choice. Upright vacuums clean by agitating the rug so that the dirt is lifted to the surface and then pulled away by the air flow. Canister vacuums typically have much more suction and work in conjunction with attachments like a bare floor tool. If you have a mixture of both bare floor and rugs then a canister with a motorized power nozzle would be appropriate.

Typical pricing (excluding parts and tax) is:

  • Mechanical - $79.95
  •  Electronic - $89.95
  • Computerized - $99.95
  • Multi-Needle - $129.95
  • Long-Arm - $129.95

We always provide a six-month warranty on the service work that we do.


We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept bank debit cards. In addition, we offer in-store financing through Synchrony Finance.

Yes, we utilize Synchrony Finance to provide our customers with the ability to finance their purchases. We can process your application here in the store with virtually instantaneous credit decision. Synchrony does work with a number of our vendors (particularly Brother, Baby Lock and Elna) to periodically offer extended term (18 to as long as 60 month) long-term 0% interest financing options. You will automatically recieve 6 month financing on purchases over $150. 

Sewing Repairs

Although we can never know exactly how many sewing machines will be in for service at any time, the typical turnaround time is 1 week (or less). We can usually give you a more precise estimate when you check in your machine.
General service labor for sewing machine repairs is: * Mechanical (non-computerized) machines: $79.95 * Computerized (electronic) machines: $89.95 * Embroidery machines: $99.95 * Long-Arm Quilters: $129.95 Parts not included.

We can service virtually every brand and age of sewing machine made. We are the factory service station for Brother, Baby Lock and Elna. We can still certainly perform all basic maintenance on any sewing machine.  The only time that we may run into an issue is if there are unique parts (mechanical or electronic) the we are only available to dealerships for that brand or are obsolete.

Emphatically NO! We will service your sewing machine no matter where it was purchased. We can only provide warranty service for those brands that we sell (Brother, Baby Lock. Elna).

Because we cannot control how many machines are brought in on any particular day, we generally will not make service appointments.  There are come exceptions (extreme distance, machine size and/or type).  Since we cannot predict exactly how long it may take to perform the required service work, we typically cannot do any service work "while you wait".

We will do a preliminary check of your machine when we are checking it in to determine what service work needs to be done. We will provide you with both an estimate of the repair charges and time needed to repair your machine.

Typically not. The only time we assess a "bench charge" is if we need to disassemble your machine to determine the cause of your problem and you decide not to repair or replace your machine. Bench charges are typically in the range of $20 - $25.

No. We assume that you have every intention of coming back for your sewing machine.

Typically we ONLY need your machine. You can leave your power cord, foot control, thread and accessories at home. We do ask that you put your regular foot for straight stitch/zig zag sewing on the machine. In addition, although you can certainly transport your sewing machine in any portable case/cover we will normally send it back home with you. If you sewing machine is in a cabinet then you do need to remove the machine from its cabinet.

Normally we only need your embroidery arm if it is malfunctioning. If you happen to own an "older" embroidery machine you may want to check if we have an available embroidery arm and/or embroidery hoop for your machine.

Yes. We service sewing machines no matter how old. If the sewing machine requires more "restoration" than "repair" additional labor charges will likely apply. The only time that we may not be able to repair your antique machine is if there is significant rust.

Please NO! Most all flat bed sewing machines will come out from your cabinet the same way. Flat bed sewing machines (the type located in most older cabinets) all mounted on two hinge pins. Your sewing machine is held on these pins by two set screws (one per hinge pin). If you tilt your sewing machine back and expose the bottom of the machine, you will see these set screws by each hinge pin. Loosen the screw a couple of turns and the machine should lift off the hinge pins.

Sorry, but we cannot buy old sewing machines. If you have an older machine that you are no longer using we can have the machine recycled.

One of our service technicians will typically call as soon as the repairs on your machine are complete. If you are not home we will leave a message (if able). You are welcome to contact us if you do not hear from us in a timely manner. If you would like to be contacted by email and/or text please let us know.

Vacuum Repairs

Although we can never know exactly how many vacuum cleaners will be in for service at any time, the typical turnaround time is 1 week (or less). We can usually give you a more precise estimate when you check in your machine.
We can service virtually every brand and age of vacuum cleaners made. We are the factory service station for all brands that we sell including: Miele, Simplicity, Sebo, Hoover, Eureka, Electrolux. The only limitation we can have come with servicing machines from companies that have a limited number of replacement parts. This includes some major companies such as EuroPro/Shark and Dyson. Although we can still service these brands the availability of many components can be significant.

If it is a machine that you purchased from us we will have all the information needed concerning your purchase so you do not need to bring anything other than the machine. If your purchased it elsewhere you need to provide proof of purchase in the form of your purchase receipt.

NO. We will service your vacuum cleaner no matter where it was purchased (even online).

No. You can bring your vacuum in any time (that we are open). although we will typically do an initial evaluation of what repairs need to be done (sometimes they may be minor), you should expect that you will be leaving your machine for service.

One of our service technicians will typically call as soon as the repairs on your machine are complete. If you are not home we will leave a message (if able). You are welcome to contact us if you do not hear from us in a timely manner. If you would like to be contacted by email and/or text please let us know.

We only need those parts of your vacuum cleaner that actually need to be repaired or are required to operate your vacuum (some canister vacuums require their hose to operate the vacuum).
That is a much more difficult answer to give before we actually have your vacuum cleaner in our store. Labor charges for repairing your vacuum can range from just a bench charge (typically under $20) to $70 for the most complex repairs. We can always contact you to let you know the estimated charges before we repair your vacuum. Since additional charges for required parts may be appropriate this can certainly affect the total cost of repair. We understand that you only want happy surprises.

Warranties re provided to the initial owner of a vacuum cleaner to give them peace of mind that they will not have to pay for repairs during the warranty period.  It is very important to note that a warranty does NOT cover repairs due to normal wear and tear, negligence or actions of the user.  It is designed to cover failures due to no action of the user.  In addition, certain components are not typicall covered under warranty (belt, brush rolls, plugs).  Properly maintained, most vacuum cleaners will last a very long time.

Everything For Sewing

We are able to sell only a limited selection of sewing machines online.  If we sell it online it will have a "Buy It Now" price.  If there is no price then the company has restricted this sewing machine to in-store sales ONLY and do not allow us to post any pricing on our website.  We do price every msewing machine on our display floor.  


We are now able to ship a limited selection of sewing machines directly to you.  If the machine that you are interested in has a "Buy It Now" price then we can ship it to you (typically at no additional cost).  If it indicates that the machine is limited to "in-store ONLY" then we are not allowed by the manufacturer to ship that machine to you.

In general, most of our electronic sewing machines will come with 5 years of unlimited free maintenance (there are a small number of the economy prices electronic sewing machines that we need to exclude). Unfortunately, this does NOT include any of our sergers since they naturally produce a significant amount of cutting debris and should be cleaned after each use (or at least fairly frequently).

We are proud to carry the Brother, Baby Lock and Elna product lines. Although, over the years we have carried virtually every brand of sewing machines, some brands (that we have eventually discontinued selling) have definitely not maintained the high quality standards for both production and service that we insist upon.

We are now authorized to sell a limited selection of sewing machines by both Brother and Baby Lock.  These machines are clearly marked with a "Buy It Now" price.  Virtually all sewing machine companies do NOT allow the sale of their premium sewing machines online.  Although we realize that this may seem unfair, it was done to eliminate cutthroat pricing and mandate that the buyer (you) have the support and training that needs to come with the purchase of the more sophisticated (and complex) sewing machines.

We would need a truly enormous store if we tried to carry all of the sewing cabinets that we sell. Since we handle the cabinets from a number of manufacturers, and most cabinets are available in different finishes, having in-store samples of them is not feasible. We DO have on display a significant selection of Koala sewing furniture. All sewing furniture is ordered and shipped directly from the manufacturers. In many cases your cabinet will be shipped directly to your home.

If it is a sewing machine that we can sell online then we will ship it to you.  If it is restricted to in-store sales then we cannot ship it (per our dealer agreement with the manufacturer).

Due to COVID Pandemic we are currently limiting our one-on-one instruction to virtual instruction.  We hope that this situation will end soon and we will be able to go back to our "normal" instruction.  

We will provide unlimited free training and instruction on your sewing machine for as long as you own it. Training is done in a one-on-one format. Typically we recommend that you give the store a call and we can find a mutually available time for you and an instructor. If you are trying to get training on a Saturday it may be a little more difficult to quickly arrange a time slot. Instruction is provided on virtually any aspect of your machine both functionally (ie. how do I make it work) and practically (I am trying to do "this" do I do it properly). Our goal is to make you a success in using your machine.

Everything For Floor Care

Due to consumer demand we do carry a limited number of bagless vacuum (mostly the smaller "quick clean" style) we do NOT recommend bagless vacuums over bagged vacuums.  Why?

In short...because we think that vacuum cleaners that use bags last longer, cost you less in the long run, are cleaner, easier to use, and probably a whole bunch of other factors. If you think about it, why would any vacuum cleaner company make a vacuum cleaner that was purported to make them less money. The answer...they don't! Although bagless vacuums (no matter what the brand) look easier, and as if they would cost you less (sure, no bags) in the end they tend to have higher operating costs (filters are much more expensive than bags) and definitely do not last as long (the amount of abrasive dirt that does through the machine is dramatically more). If you look at most of the major "high-end" vacuum companies NONE of them manufacture a bagless vacuum.

We all want to try and get the best product we can for the least amount of money. With vacuum bags the quality and filtration of the vacuum bags produced by the original manufacturer are dramatically higher than many of the aftermarket bags. One of the most differences is between original and after market Miele bags. Independent testing has shown that the aftermarket bags release over 1000 times more fine (allergen) particulates than the factory original bags. If you are purchasing a machine that is renowned for its filtration, why defeat it by purchasing non-original bags?
The answer to this is the same as trying to answer the question "What is better a hammer or a screwdriver". it really depends upon what you are trying to clean. Upright vacuums are the best at cleaning any type of carpeted surface. The agitation provided by the rotating brush lifts embedded dirt out of the rug's nap and allows the air flow of the vacuum to carry it away. A suction-only canister is optimal for cleaning a hard surface (think of a broom with suction). It can clean a rug but you are having to use an attachment. A canister with a motorized power nozzle is sort of the hybrid vacuum that can clean both rugs and floors. They typically cost more than just a basic canister vacuum due to the cost of the additional accessories (electric hose, electric wands, power nozzle). We carry over 100 different vacuums on our display floor because we all have different cleaning needs. We are here to help you figure out what the best vacuum cleaner is for YOU.

If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag we likely carry the bag you need. Unless we happen to have sold (or repaired) the vacuum you own, we may not know what vacuum you have. If you don't know what style of vacuum cleaner bag you use, try to get the make and model of your vacuum cleaner. We should be able to figure out what you need. If possible, take a picture of the vacuum cleaner.

Scan N Cut

Like their sewing machines, Brother does not allow dealers to ship the CM650W. They will sell online the lower version(s) with less features. We are obviously partial to the CM650W.

Classes and Events

Our online calendar will show you all of the group classes that we have available. We have them color coded such that if a class is show in green it has available spaces, if it is shown in red it is already full. Once you find the class/event you want to attend simply click on the "Register Now" button and fill in the required information. If you have logged into your account (you will be prompted to create an account if you don't already have one) all of your saved information will be entered for you. If the class/event has a registration fee you will be prompted to enter the appropriate payment information. You can register for multiple classes during one logins.  You can also add any other items that you might need to the same order.  You will receive an email confirming your registration. You will receive additional email reminders as the event draws near.