Dritz Jean-a-ma-jig

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Use for topstitching and machine hemming over thick seams. Use on jeans - jackets - towels - quilts - upholstery and home dec projects. Can be used with any sewing machine.

Item Number: 915
Barcode Number: 072879117615



  1. Press and pin jean hems.
  2. Begin stitching - stopping 3/4 inch before thick seam. With needle in down position - raise presser foot.
  3. From back of presser foot - slide Jean-a-ma-jig up to thick seam allowance - lower presser foot.
  4. Slowly stitch across seam and off jean-a-ma-jig. With needle in down position - raise presser foot and remove Jean-a-ma-jig.
  5. Move Jean-a-ma-jig to front of presser foot.
  6. Lower presser foot and continue stitching onto Jean-a-ma-jig.
  7. Stop when completely on Jean-a-ma-jig and lower needle into fabric. Raise presser foot and remove jean-a-ma-jig. Continue sewing......

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