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PB & J, Peas & Carrots, Needles & Thread...Some things are just designed to go together.  

In this case the perfect "marriage" of Brother's Dream Magic Frame and Grace's Q'nique long-arm quilter has created the nicest home quilting frame and machine partnership on the market.  

When Brother released the Dream Fabric Frame last August everyone was completely ecstatic over having a compact, fully stitch regulated, quilting frame that they could use with their existing V-series or Quattro sewing machine.  But, since we always want more, having even the largest area in a home sewing machine (11 inches) was not enough.  We searched the market and found that the newly released Grace Q'nique would fit perfectly on the Dream Fabric Frame and would expand your sewing area to nearly 15 inches (that gives you the full width of the Dream Fabric Frame).

Now, for the price of most sit-down quilter's you can have a fully stitch regulated compact full function quilting machine unlike anything else on the market.

To make this introduction even better we are offering a great introductory price.  The suggested retail on this frame and machine combination is $6995.  Our "normal" price on this combination will be already discounted to $5995 (pretty good!!).  To make it even better, we are giving any "early birds" an additional $500 in savings and offering this combination at an incredible price of $5495!
Unfortunately, Brother, Baby Lock & Elna all restrict the sale of their sewing machines to in-store sales. This also means that we cannot put the prices of any or our sewing machines on our website. The only price that you will see anywhere online is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) which we NEVER sell our machine at.
For the same reason as to why we cannot put pricing on our sewing machines, we are not allowed to ship a sewing machine unless it is purchased either in our store or at one of our events. Sorry.
In general, any of our sewing machines that retail for $499 or more will come with 5 years of unlimited free maintenance. Unfortunately, this does NOT include any of our sergers since they naturally produce a significant amount of cutting debris and should be cleaned after each use (or at least fairly frequently).
We are proud to carry the Brother, Baby Lock and Elna product lines. Although, over the years we have carried virtually every brand of sewing machines, some brands (that we have eventually discontinued selling) have definitely not maintained the high quality standards for both production and service that we insist upon.
In general, the sewing machines that are sold online are intended to be a lower tier of machines that the various companies typically do NOT put into their dealerships. Although many of these machines (certainly those sold by Brother) are superior to those sold online by their competitors, they will not come with the beneficial service and support provided by dealers such as Schiller's.
We would need a truly enormous store if we tried to carry all of the sewing cabinets that we sell. Since we handle the cabinets from a number of manufacturers, and most cabinets are available in different finishes, having in-store samples of them is not feasible. We DO have on display a significant selection of Koala sewing furniture. All sewing furniture is ordered and shipped directly from the manufacturers. In many cases your cabinet will be shipped directly to your home.
Not really. The only way is if you know someone that can come to our store and purchase the sewing machine from us. they certainly can ship the machine to you.
We will provide unlimited free training and instruction on your sewing machine for as long as you own it. Training is done in a one-on-one format. Typically we recommend that you give the store a call and we can find a mutually available time for you and an instructor. If you are trying to get training on a Saturday or Thursday evening (our only evening hours) it may be a little more difficult to quickly arrange a time slot. Instruction is provided on virtually any aspect of your machine both functionally (ie. how do I make it work) and practically (I am trying to do "this"...how do I do it properly). Our goal is to make you a success in using your machine.