Plastiflex 30 Foot - Dual Voltage - Central Vacuum Hose

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This hose is one of the hoses frequently used with central vacuum attachments. This is a Plastiflex brand hose and has been provided to DustCare, Electrolux, Eureka, Beam, HoneyWell, NuTone , AirVac and more. This hose is lightweight and easy to use with the full swivel at the gas pump style handle.

 Not all central vacuum hoses are created equal and include crushproof, wire-reinforced, electric, non-electric, standard, turbo and more. This hose is electric with a three-way switch on the handle. One position turns only the vacuum on, one postion is off, and the last postion turns the vacuum and powerhead on. The hose is not only lightweight, but also durable. The full 360 degree swivel at the handle helps reduce kinking. Like all Plastiflex hoses, it has a smooth interior allowing for optimum air flow and limited resistance.

**This hose may require an adapter to properly fit some customers current power nozzle and wand set ups**

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Whether you have standard inlets, direct connect inlets, or are unsure, this is the only hose you will need to purchase. It comes with a pigtail end if you have standard inlets and it also comes with all the parts necessary to convert the hose to direct connect. The conversion is easy and purchasing this hose guarantees you will get just what you need for your system. Check out the features below. 

  • The unique 30ft hose design and materials provide outstanding resilience and flexibility when twisted and crushed by any external pressure.
  • The smooth interior avoids any air resistance.
  • The handle has 360 degree swivel.
  • Color May Vary -- Gray or Beige
  • Pig-Tail wall end configuration for use with Universal Standard non-electric valves.
30' Foot - Dual Voltage - Electric Hose with 6' pigtail cord