Baby Lock Solaris

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Baby Lock Solaris BLSA is a technological breakthrough for Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting. Baby Lock now boasts the largest embroidery area, 10 5/8″ x 16″, which gives you plenty of room for the largest embroidery or quilting projects. Also, the Baby Lock Solaris BLSA, has 13.1″ of space, to the right of the needles and their largest LED lighting area. You can quilt and sew in complete comfort with room to move your large quilts without interference. This machine is faster, both in speed and processing, yet quieter due to an advancement in the embroidery unit that now uses brush-less DC motors instead of AC motors. You will see your designs in such clarity with the new, large 10.1″ HD LCD touchscreen display, with capacitive technology.

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Baby lock Solaris BLSA IQ Visionary Projection System

A revolution in embroidery, quilting, and sewing! This amazing new technology, an exclusive on the Baby lock Solaris BLSA, uses a high definition WVGA projector, positioned above the needle, that projects and images 5” x 3” onto the fabric in front of the sewing and embroidery area!

For embroidery, the IQ Visionary provides a virtual embroidery display, in the exact size, color and proportion of your design, onto your fabric. The easiest way ever to preview what you’ll stitch and get perfect placement!

You can move to the area of your design, where you want to determine the exact position.  Then, make your adjustments to the design for position and angle, as well as determine if the design is the correct size and color for your project area.

And it’s not just for embroidery! You’ll want it for sewing and quilting too!

For sewing and quilting, the IQ Visionary, will provide grid line and guide line markers that will give you a more accurate way to guide your fabric while sewing. No more using painter’s tape on the bed of your machine, mechanical gadgets to guide your sewing path! The Baby Lock Solaris BLSA will do all of this for you, with much greater precision and ease of operation!

Another amazing sewing feature of the Baby lock Solaris BLSA IQ Visionary is its ability to project the exact image of your stitch, onto the fabric —

You can audition several stitches at a time, displayed in a variety of color options. Once you select your stitch, you can make changes to the pattern length, width, size, and position. Then as you sew, it will project the image of your stitch ahead of your path, providing the exact placement for every stitch. It is truly amazing!

IQ Visionary displays an image, of your sewing design, in the exact size so that you can make adjustments to the width, length, and position before sewing. It’s reality sewing!

The ability to display the stitch image ahead of your sewing path gives you the perfect guidance on your sewing project!

A single or double guideline can be displayed in various lengths and positions in front of the foot. This is perfect to mark your seam allowances and give you a point of reference to guide your decorative and construction sewing!

The 45° guide marker is perfect to use for joining strips of fabric when making a quilt binding.

Here it is displayed with a 60° V guide that is perfect for stitching triangles. The IQ Visionary shows your exact ¼” marking. You can even set it for a scant ¼”!

The IQ Visionary projected grid is perfect for aligning decorative images and can be sized from very small to large.

A 90° marking is also a useful guide!

Create Designs Without The Need for a Computer with the Solaris IQ Designer

Scan artwork or import a JPEG design to create custom embroidery!

Draw directly on the screen. Use built-in tools, shapes, fills and lines to digitize like the most advanced embroidery software program!

Choose from over 30 fill stitches and a variety of line motifs to add the perfect effect to your embroidery!

Baby Lock Solaris BLSA Large 10.1″ HD LCD Color Touch Screen Display

Works like a tablet, the 10.1″ capacitive touch screen has familiar sliding, swiping, scrolling and pinch-to-zoom for viewing detailed steps, categories, and designs. The user interface offers large, well defined crystal-clear icons, and color navigation for easy viewing. It also has a built-in instruction manual plus 30 tutorial videos, or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format!

Baby Lock Solaris BLSA Largest Hoop 10-5/8″ x 16″

Not only does the Baby Lock Solaris BLSA have the largest embroidery area on the market, but the hoop has been reinforced with steel inserts and rubber wrapped to better grip fabric. The metal quick release lever is very convenient when working with large projects that are hard to remove.

1298 Built-in Beautiful Designs, Borders and Lettering Fonts!

With the Baby Lock Solaris BLSA, you will find beautiful, lifelike embroidery designs that are found nowhere else. The realistic castle shown above has been embroidered in metallic thread. Can your machine do this?!

The Solaris has amazing thread delivery with the dual king thread stand. This gives a difficult thread a chance to untwist before it goes through the machine. A secret of the industrial embroidery industry!

Create Automatic Stippling Around Your Embroidery

With the Baby Lock Solaris BLSA, you can create both traditional stippling and echo quilting around your design. You can adjust the spacing and stitch size all with perfect stitch regulation. This turns your embroidery frame into a quilting frame.

Advanced Lettering Capability

The Baby Lock Solaris BLSA has a very advanced built-in lettering program. Choose from 24 different fonts that can be sized, arrayed and customized in almost any variation! You can even adjust an individual letter to have a different font and size which gives you a unique way to emphasize the start of a paragraph or make the statement that you want on your embroidery masterpiece!

Also built-in are 7 beautiful large monograms that will amaze you with their detail!

More Stitches Than Ever Before

810 decorative, character and utility stitches with more customization options than ever before!

The Baby Lock Solaris BLSA Embroiders Stitches

234 stitches can be added to your embroidery for an authentic hand-look!

Enhanced Stadium LED Lighting

Now more brilliant than ever before! The powerful, high-color LED lighting keeps your workspace bright, with less glare and fewer shadows, making it easy on your eyes. Regulate the brightness between five settings, including an “off” mode to help find your ideal level!


Achieve the unimaginable with 65 square inches of workspace! Projects of any size are easily managed. The largest, 13.1″ needle to arm is a dream for any quilter with the ability to accommodate a rolled king-sized quilt!

Accessories to Enhance Your Total Experience

Each accessory has been carefully chosen to give you the best tools to complete your projects. Plus, we offer a range of optional accessories you can choose from to enhance your experience even more.


FOUR FRAMES, INCLUDING OUR LARGEST FRAME TO DATE – Embroider monograms and other small designs with the 4″ x 4″ frame. Use the 5″ x 7″ frame for clothing embellishment or choose the 9.5″ x 9.5″ hoop for quilts and jacket backs. Accommodate your largest designs on the 10-5/8″ x 16″ frame – our largest frame to date!

14 DIFFERENT SEWING & EMBROIDERY FEET – Choose from a wide array of feet, including a free-motion quilting “C” foot, a free-motion echo quilting “E” foot and a 1/4″ piecing foot for effortless quilting. Plus, the included industry-first camera detecting buttonhole foot can detect the button and automatically determine what size buttonhole to make!


Easily and quickly switch your needle plate for sewing or quilting with a simple press of a lever – no screwdriver needed!


Designed to fit within the arm of the Solaris, the accessory case will keep all your tools neatly organized and out of your way when not in use!

ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT KNEE LIFTER – Adjust the lever in three angles for your ideal sewing position. Adjust the presser foot in four different heights.



You MUST EXTRACT the zipped file to access these three files:

Update instructions and information (READ THIS FIRST)
Update file (the ONLY file to be copied onto a formatted USB drive that is listed in the USB Media Reference Chart for the Solaris),
Addendum (more complete information about update features)
Please watch the video for additional information.

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