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Grace Little Rebel

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Grace Little Rebel is a straight stitch machine that offer the ability to sew, sit-down quilt, and frame quilt!

Grace has the proud opportunity of presenting a little rebellion to the sewing and quilting industries. We are happy to extend a hand and invite you—the crafter, sewer, or quilter—to take part in this monumental shift.

Until now, there might have been limitations, physical or emotional, that have stopped you from doing what you love. Giving the gift of a handmade bag, shirt, quilt, or anything else that you pour your passion into is now more accessible than ever.

This 13” machine fits perfectly into Grace's Q’nique line of machines as it uses leading-edge technology to make doing what you love easier than ever. Confidently operate this intuitive little machine in any situation, from pushing fabric to putting it on a Grace frame to finish quilts faster and easier. Discover more reliable stitch length with our amazing optical encoder tech. If you find yourself straining your eyes in dim lighting, go ahead and turn on the throat lights. From features to pricing to understanding how this tool will help you in your craft, Grace has thought of all the steps to present you one amazing solution. We promise to empower you in taking the next steps of your journey; wherever you are or want to be, we are here to guide you.

It is a straight stitch machine with built in regulation. The stitch regulation uses an optical encoder. Not only is the Little Rebel a sewing machine, but it’s also a great entry machine to quilting.

Do you want to do sit-down quilting? A table insert will be included! have you ever wanted to use your machine for frame quilting? A control display will be included to allow access to all the functions of the machine, but at the front of the machine!

No more reaching around the machine or using a foot pedal! It will also come with a presser foot and a hopping foot.

Unlike other domestic machines, the Little Rebel does not require yearly servicing. It’s as easy to maintain as it is our mid- and long-arms! It also holds M-Class bobbins!

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