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Tutto 20 Inch Serger on Wheels

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Product Description

20" Serger On Wheels are designed for road/vehicle transport. Not recommended for airline check-in. This sturdy bag is good for your serger, a laptop, thread Treasure Chest, and sewing supplies, etc.  The case fits most serger machines.

Interior:19"L x 17"H x 14"D
Top access:15"L x 10"D
Exterior: 20"L x 18"H x 14"D
Front access: 17"L x 16"D


  • Sturdy frame protects your machine
  • Two side pockets for storage
  • Two inside straps to secure your machine
  • Removable telecscopic puller bar
  • Two rear zipper compartments
  • Both top and front opening for easy access
  • Versatile pockets keep all your sewing tools organized
  • Bungi cord to secure stackable items
  • Store the Bungi cord inside the front and back zipper pockets

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Tutto 20 Inch Serger On Wheels - Black
Tutto 20 Inch Serger On Wheels - Red
Tutto 20 Inch Serger On Wheels - Purple
Tutto 20 Inch Serger On Wheels - Turquoise