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Sylvia Design 2400 - SewMate Sewing Machine Cabinet with Large Machine Opening

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The newly introduced Sylvia Model 2400 SewMate Cabinet can easily fit the largest of the large sewing and embroidery machines manufactured today. With a sewing machine opening of 27 3/8” x 14 3/16” to fit the largest of embroidery machines.

This sewing machine cabinet includes two Rudersburg lift mechanisms, one mounted on the left side of the machine opening and the other on the right side to support the machine platform evenly at both ends and the extra weight of these heavy machines.

This cabinet was designed by sewers and folks that embroider and has many conveniences built into the design. There is a space to store your embroidery unit when not in use. There are embroidery hoop hangers on the inside of the cabinet door to store all the hoops that came with your machine.

The lift has 3 positions – all the way down, so you can close up the cabinet completely – the middle position for sewing and quilting where the arm of your sewing machine is flush with the top of the cabinet. Very ergonomic and comfortable and meant to be used with a sewing machine insert that fits around the arm of your machine – and lastly, the all the way up position for taking advantage of your sewing machine free arm and using your embroidery unit.

The cabinet comes completely assembled. All you do is attach the commercial grade locking casters. The cabinet even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ships to you by a trucking company, secured on a pallet in one box. We will phone you after you order to explain the shipping and what you can expect including the appointment with the trucking company so you are home to receive your cabinet.

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Width: 78 3/4″
Depth: 24 1/2″
Height: 29 3/4″

Width: 39 3/8″
Depth:  24 1/2″
Height: 30 1/2″

Machine Opening
Width: 27 3/8″
Depth:  14 3/16″

Sylvia Design 2400 SewMate Cabinet - Twilight
Sylvia Design 2400 SewMate Cabinet - Castle Oak
Sylvia Design 2400 SewMate Cabinet - Pear Wood
Sylvia Design 2400 SewMate Cabinet - Sunset Cherry
Sylvia Design 2400 SewMate Cabinet - White w/Oak Trim