Loveless Cheetah II

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Cheetah II provides a SAFE, CLEAN way to remove ash from a fireplace, wood stove, pellet stove or grill.

NEVER use a household or shop vacuum for cleaning out your fireplace. Hot embers can stay alive for days, hidden under ash, which acts like an insulator. A hot ember sitting inside a paper filter bag, surrounded by flammable household debris, is a recipe for disaster. This situation can start a delayed fire, when you’re asleep or not at home. Very dangerous!

The other problem is that ash is made of extremely fine particles that a normal filter will not capture. The exhaust port of the vacuum will spew the smallest particles throughout your house, and if you don’t notice your house smelling like an ashtray, you will notice when it comes time to dust, and there’s a fine gray dust coating all your furniture.

The Cheetah II AshVac was designed for safe, clean and convenient cleaning of ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and bio fuel (corn and wheat) stoves. It has been the best selling ash vacuum for more than 20 years.

Every component of the Cheetah II AshVac is designed for safety. The 3-gallon fireproof canister is made of rolled steel. The 5-foot hose and nozzle are made of metal. The primary filter is fire-resistant up to 1,000°F. Other components are fire-resistant thermoplastic. If the hose gets too hot to hold with bare hands, stop vacuuming because the ashes are too hot. Gloves are not the answer. Instead, wait until the ashes cool more, and/or be sure to rest the nozzle on the firebrick, or base, so you are removing fine ash from the bottom of the pile – not large chunks of hot embers.

The patented filtration system is designed for the cleanest possible removal of ash. The dual filters are specially engineered to capture the finest ash particles to keep your house clean and smelling fresh. You can even clean the filters without opening the canister so no ash has a chance to escape. All you do it jiggle the agitator rod on the lid to knock ash off the filters. The canister stays closed.

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  • Patent No.:   5,704,956
  • Requires Assembly?:   Yes
  • Air Flow:   90 CFM
  • Suction:   55 inAq
  • Weight (lbs.):   16
  • Noise Level:   91
  • Bag Change Indicator:   No
  • Accessory Storage:   No
  • Carpet Height Adjustment:   No
  • Casters:   No
  • Cord Length (Ft):   6
  • ETL Safety Listed:   Yes
  • Energy Star Compliant:   No
  • Filter Type:   Cloth/Fiberglass
  • Filter Temperature Rating:   1200 Degrees
  • Failsafe Temperature Rating:   400 Degrees
  • Number of Filters:   2
  • Number of Filters:   2
  • Reconditioned:   No
  • Retractable Cord:   No
  • Hose Length:   5Ft.
  • Warranty:   3 Yr.
  • Accessories:   Yes
  • UL Listed:   9Z91
  • Dimensions LxWxH (in.):   11.5 x 11.5 x 20.5
  • Voltage:   120
  • Dry Capacity:   3 Gal
  • Amps @ V:   6
  • Material:   Assembly
  • Color:   Black

3 Year Limited Warranty

All components are warranted for a period of 3 years after date of purchase by the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear and weathering, assembly and/or maintenance OR use in a commercial application. At the Manufacturer's sole discretion, products under warranty will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge to the customer. Any returns sent back must be sent via prepaid freight and in the original retail packaging.

Proof of purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered. The sales receipt is the only valid proof of purchase. Failures and/or damage which result from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, alteration or modification, failure to maintain, improper assembly or maintenance, service by unauthorized agency or use of unauthorized components or damage that is attributable to acts of God are NOT covered.

Loveless Cheetah II Ash Vac (Black)