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Kimberbell Fill In the Blank - April 2021

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Kimberbell "Fill In The Blank" - April 2021

Each month there will be new, limited edition, blank that you can purchase  (either an embroidery or sewing version).  Each new blank will be available at the beginning of each month and the designs will distributed with the purchase of the blank.   

  • We are offering a Fill-In-The-Blank Club!  This club will include all 12 monthly classes as well as giving you a 10% discount on all in-store Kimberbell purchases (excluding fabric).  The cost for this annual membership is $100.  You will have first access to any new blanks each month, with one autimatically put aside for you.  We will also automatically email you the new free design for both Sewing and Embroidery each month.  We will not hold onto credit card information, and will call you for payment information the first (or there abouts) each month.
  • We will be offering a Fill-In-The-Blank Virtual Class on the second Thursday of each month.  The cost for this 2-Hour class will be $10.00. You can register for this class thru our calendar.  if you signed up for the club, you will be automatically registered for every class.  If you are in the club or signed up for the classes (prior to the start of each class) and cannot make it, we will email you out a video recording of each class.  For now, these will be done via Zoom virtually.

Although the design (for an 8 x 12 hoop) is included, the embellishments, etc. will be sold seperately (or you can purchase a complete embellishment kit).   Blanks  can either be picked up at the store or mailed to you ($6.00 shipping).  The cost for the blank will vary  each month (expect it to range from $9.95 - $14.95).   Here is the April 2021 Fill in the Blank.  

The Project for March is "Cactus Love"

Send a little Cactus Love! Stitched on an amethyst Velveteen Zipper Pouch, Kimberbell’s April Fill in the Blank design celebrates the beauty of warm desert sands. A saguaro cactus of Embroidery Leather blooms beside an Embroidery Felt prickly pear, both nestled in a bed of applique fabric and encased in Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl. Topped with a heartfelt gift tag, Cactus Love is a succulent project for both sewing and machine embroidery enthusiasts!

RECEIVE A FREE, EXCLUSIVE DESIGN FOR BOTH SEWING AND MACHINE EMBROIDERY when you purchase this April’s design blank – the velveteen zipper pouch!
PLEASE NOTE: THESE DESIGNS WILL BE SENT AS A DOWNLOADABLE LINK TO YOU ON April  1, 2021, even though you may purchase the April Fill-In-The-Blank now, but again, the design itself will not be emailed until April 1st. 
This purchase includes (1) Velveteen Zipper Pouch + the design file and/or sewing machine pattern for the design. This purchase DOES NOT include the embellishments and materials found on the tote. with an optional $9.95 embellishment kit to make the full project.



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Fill In the Blank - April 2021 (shipped)
Fill In the Blank - April 2021 (store pickup)
Embellishment Kit for Kimberbell April 2021 Fill-In-The-Blank