Generic Central Vac Tubing (10 8' Pipes)

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This is a bundle of 10 8 foot lengths of premium virgin PVC pipe.  It is the ONLY vacuum pipe we recommend for central vacuum systems. We use no recycled material or ground-up plastic of any type in our pipe. This recycled material basically comes from discarded plastic products or scrap that is gathered together, ground up, reheated, and re-extruded into vacuum pipe. Scrap material typically varies from lot to lot depending on what has been ground up. The nature of scrap makes it hard to keep out foreign materials. Because of this, reused plastic often contains foreign materials like metal, stone or other non-PVC plastic materials that can cause poor glue adhesion, holes, tears, rough inside surfaces, inconsistent wall thicknesses, out-of-spec diameters, or easily cracked pipe.

Piping can be purchased individually in-store.  We will not ship individual pipes
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