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Reason #1 To Shop Schiller's

We Love Our Customers!

Although it may seem like just a cliche, we truly would not be in business if it were not for our customers.

If you've shopped somewhere that made you feel that they were doing you a favor by actually helping you... that place is not Schiller's.

Starting with a friendly greeting as you come into the store, to personal service while you shop, we are here to make your shopping experience a pleasure. It's unfortunate that so many other locations don't offer the same.

But why would you shop there when you can shop here?!

Reason #2 To Shop Schiller's

We are professionals

It's not "Just a Job" for us

If you are tired of shopping where all you hear is "Sorry, not my department", then you need to come to Schiller's.

Most of our staff has been here for a decade (or longer) and are truly knowledgeable in all of the products that we sell.  Even if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, we probably will.

Our goal is to make sure that whether we are helping you find that perfect new machine, or just need a replacement part, we will make sure that you get just what you need.
Reason #3 To Shop Schiller's

Inventory, Inventory and more inventory

Your need it ... We've got it

Whether it's a part, accessory, notion or whatever...
If it's for a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine -
We've got it (or will get it)!

We can't guarantee that we always have every part, notion or accessory in stock but we probably do!

Whether its vacuum bags, accessories, notions, sewing feet, or who knows what, we have an incredible depth of inventory for both new, old and really, really old machines. So, shop here first and save yourself lots of time and aggravation.
Reason #4 To Shop Schiller's

In-House Sewing Experts

We want you to succeed

You think of it...They will help you create it!

Maybe you've been sewing since you were a child...

Maybe you just started recently...

If you need help making that sewing or embroidery project move from your head to reality we have the sewing and embroidery experts that will help make it happen!

And if you purchase your sewing machine at Schiller's... it's all FREE!

Reason #5 To Shop Schiller's

We Sell Brother Sewing Machines

Because sewing should be FUN!

Over our 65+ years in business we have sold virtually every brand of sewing machine.  Some brands have fallen away, and others have continued to excel.

We believe that no other company can compete (as an overall product line) with Brother Sewing Machines!

Why??  Sewing today is not the necessity that it used to be, it is typically more of a hobby and done for enjoyment. But if you don't enjoy your machine, you can't enjoy sewing.

For years I have campaigned that Brother should change their slogan to "Brother... Because sewing SHOULD be FUN"!

So if you need a new sewing machine, come where both the store and our sewing machines MAKE SEWING FUN!!!
Reason #6 To Shop Schiller's

Our Email Newsletters will Keep You Informed

Pressing News

If you want to know what is happening here at Schiller's, you need to make sure that you are on our mailing list.

(You can click here to signup for our mailing list).

We try to send them out often enough to keep you informed of classes, promotions and events that are coming to Schillers without becoming spam.

Reason #7 To Shop Schiller's

In-House Repair Services

You Break it - We'll Fix It

In-House Repair Services

Sewing Machines

Vacuum Cleaners
No matter how old, or where you bought your sewing machine or vacuum cleaner, we can service it. Whether it is just a "well-care" visit, or a "code-red" we can handle it.

Eric has been servicing sewing machines here at Schiller's for nearly 20 years and is factory-trained to service any machine from the latest high-tech embroidery machines to the oldest treadle machines.

Al has been servicing vacuum cleaners for nearly 30 years here at Schiller's and has probably serviced every make and model of vacuum cleaner ever made.

John has recently joined us here at Schiller's and is learning fast. So if your vacuum cleaner or sewing machine isn't all it's supposed to be, bring it to Schiller's and we will make it all better :-)

Reason #8 To Shop Schiller's

Since 1951

And That's A Long Time

My father at the opening of our store at
857 Main Street circa 1965
In 1951, my father opened his sewing store inside his brother's floor care store (Schiller's Mart).  After a few years he outgrew the location and opened his own store on Church street, selling Necchi and Elna sewing machines.  

The store was called "Schiller's Sewing Circle" because Singer stores (which were company-owned and operated) were "Sewing Centers", while Necchi/Elna stores were "Sewing Circles".  We have relocated many times since then but have been in our current location since 1977.  

From our earliest beginnings we have strived to put our customers first.  In kind, you have helped us to persevere through the years.  At this point, we believe we are the oldest sewing & vacuum cleaner store in the state that is still under it's original management.  

With your help, we plan to continue on for many, many more years.  

Thank You.
Reason #9 To Shop Schiller's

Almost A Century of Experience

Who How Long Comments
Rick 56 Does what he did in High School count?
Eric 25 Came to work "for a little while"...25 years later and counting
John 7 There isn't a vacuum he hasn't seen
Jenn 4 Started as a customer...had to start working here to pay for her habit
Nicole 1 Newbee #1
Ellie 1 Newbee #2
Total 94 And counting...

Experience DOES matter!
My staff at Schiller's has been working together for a very long time.  We have seen tremendous changes in both the world of vacuums and certainly in the world of sewing machines.  But, we have been a part of that change and know both the newest machines as well as the not so new machines.  That experience goes a long way in letting us help you with both your existing machines and any new machine that you might be considering.

Reason #10 To Shop Schiller's

Sewing Classes

For All Ages and Abilities

In any endeavor, just maintaining the status quo is never very sucessful as a long term goal.  

This is certainly true with sewing.If all our customers did was to redo the same project over and over again they would quickly become disenchanted with sewing. It is the discovery and learning of new concepts and projects that make sewing fun.  At Schiller's we feel that it is our responsibility to find new projects and ideas so that you, our customers, want to keep sewing.  

Our classes are primarily designed to keep sewing FUN!  We try to make it so that no matter what your abilities you can attend the class and be successful.  Most classes are only for one day (typically 2.5 hours) and have a fairly minimal cost ($10).  Class sizes are small (typically 6-9 attendees).  

All classes are posted on our website and you can register online for any class that is not full.

 (You can click here to go to our calendar)
Reason #11 To Shop Schiller's

Free Lessons

For Life!!!

When you buy ANY sewing machine from Schiller's you get UNLIMITED FREE lessons on the operation of your sewing machine.  These lessons by appointment and are one-on-one.  They are designed to make sure that whatever you are trying to do with your sewing machine, we will help make sure it happens.  

These lessons are NOT designed to "Teach Me How To Sew...Quilt...or..."  any other of the infinite variety of things that you can do with a sewing machine.  We WILL help mentor you with virtually any project.  

In general, we only succeed if you succeed.
Reason #12 To Shop Schiller's

You Know Us By Name

I saw this quote and (although I don't know who the indivual quoted is, I certainly agree with it).  Like "Cheers" this is a place where 'Everyone Knows Your Name". We like to think of our customers as friends that we may only see occasionally rather than anything else.
Reason #13 To Shop Schiller's

Time for an Upgrade?

It's How Old?

If you had a washing machine from 1970, it was leaking, sounded like a jet engine what would you do??? You would get a new one.  So why should it be different with your sewing machine.  The same is true about your vacuum cleaner.  So if it's time to upgrade your old machine...come to Schiller's.

Reason #14 To Shop Schiller's

People Here Actually Care

We've probably all shopped at a store where you heard "Sorry...not my Department" or something similar.  At Schiller's that won't happen.  

Although I am certain that you won't likely have Eric teaching you how to make a dress, we all try to make sure that whatever you need is taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Reason #15 To Shop Schiller's

5 Years Cleaning and Maintenance

Most Sewing Machines Purchased at Schiller's

One of the best benefits of buying your new sewing machine at Schiller's is that it likely will come with at least 3 or 5 years of unlimited FREE maintenance and cleaning.  Most electronic sewing machines have 3 years of free cleanings.  Larger sewing machines and embroidery machines will come with 5 years of free cleanings.  This is not just a "once-per-year" cleaning (that would still be pretty good), this covers ALL labor (but not parts) for the first 3 or 5 years that you own your sewing machine.  Since most general service cleanings for electronic sewing machines is $99 or more, the value of this benefit can actually be more than the purchase price of your new machine (really seems too good to be true but it actually is)!

About to do a bunch of sewing...bring in your machine.  Just did a bunch of sewing...bring in your machine.   The last thing that  we want to have to tell you is that your wonderful machine has suffered a breakdown simply because you didn't get it cleaned.

Reason #16 To Shop Schiller's

Bring Your Puppy By

(You can try to bring your cat but that probably won't work)

If you need to come to Schiller's and your puppy/dog is in the car, please don't leave them in the car...bring them in the store.  We all love pets and greatly enjoy having them visit.  

If they have been in the car for while please have them visit the outside "bathroom" before they come to visit :-)
Reason #17 To Shop Schiller's

We've Got Your Bag

We Carry Over 240 Different Styles of Vacuum Bags

If your vacuum uses a bag (and we highly recommend bagged vacuums over bagless) then we most likely have the vacuum bag you need.  We carry over 240 different styles of vacuum bags.
Reason #18 To Shop Schiller's

We Carry Floriani Stabilizers

The rule of thumb is that 80% of successful embroidery is due to how your project is stabilized.  So many factors can effect the quality and appearance of your embroidery.  Floriani has proved itself to have the right assortment ans styles of stabilizers for virtually any project.  Their products come with our highest recommendations.
Reason #19 To Shop Schiller's

We Have Threads For All Your Sewing Needs

From Embroidery to Canvas

There may be nothing more important to how your sewing machine performs than the thread you use (bad thread is just like bad gas in a car).  The type, quality, AND AGE of your thread is critcal (most threads are good for AT MOST 5 years).  Given how much we often need to spend on the fabric we use, or the garment we are modifying, using "cheap" thread just doesn't make any sense.  At Schiller's we carry an enormous variety of threads from general purpose, quilting, embroidery, serging and heavy duty.  We carry threads from Mettler, YLI, A&E, Signature, Coats & Clark, and Floriani (and more).
Reason #20 To Shop Schiller's

Over 50 Styles of Sewing Needles

Did you know there were that many?

Your can't use thread on your sewing machine without a needle. and just like the right thread is critical, so is the right needle.  The needle that you should use will depend upon the type, density and other characteristics of you fabric you are sewing.  In addition, needles are NOT designed to last until they break!! In general, you should change your needle after about 5 hours of continuous sewing.
Reason #21 To Shop Schiller's

We Have All Sorts of Notions

It's the Little Things That Sometimes Make All the Difference

A sewing machine can only do so much.  In a great many cases it is the gadgets/notions that have been developed to aid in the sewing process that make all the difference.  At Schiller's we carry in stock an enormous variety of sewing "gadgets".  Although there are always products that we may actually not have in stock, you will likely be very happily surprised as to how much we do carry.
Reason #22 To Shop Schiller's

One Ruler to Rule Them All

We've Got Your Ruler

Whether you are trying to follow the straight and narrow, or throwing a curve, a ruler can be critical accessory.  We carry virtually all of the rulers from HandiQuilter as well as many other companies.  And if we don't have it... we will certainly try to get it for you.
Reason #23 To Shop Schiller's

We Have The Latest Technology in Sewing

And They Certainly Have Changed


The sewing industry, maybe more than most others, has embraced the advances in technology and what they can do to advance the capabilities and ease of use of sewing machines.  At Schiller's we have always strived to remain in the forefront of all of the technological changes in the sewing industry.  The two main industry leaders in the sewing world are certainly Brother and Baby Lock and we carry both on our display floor AND IN STOCK virtually their entire product line.  Come see and be prepared to be AMAZED!

Reason #24 To Shop Schiller's

We Carry The Complete Line Of Baby Lock Sergers

The First and Still The Best

From This
To this
From their inception in 1963 as the first non-commercial "Overlocker" to todays self-threading, no tension, sergers Baby Lock has been the industry leader in sergers.  Schiller's is proud to say that we have carried the Baby Lock product line for the vast majority of that time.  So many sergers make it difficult for their users to accomplish what they need to.  Not so with a Baby Lock Serger.  So, come to Schillers and see, try (and probably buy) the sewing industry's finest sergers.
Reason #25 To Shop Schiller's

If We Sell It... We Service It

We Wouldn't Have It any Other Way

I don't know about you, but it annoys the heck out of me if I purchase an item somewhere and then find that if I need some service on it, where I bought it can't help me.  Well, that is definitely NOT something that you will find happening at Schiller's. Anything that you purchase at Schiller's we can service, both in warranty and after.
Reason #26 To Shop Schiller's

Sewing Feet and Accessories

These feet are not made for walk'n (unless it's a walking foot)

Expand your Horizons! Come explore our extensive selection of presser feet, guaranteed to make your sewing and embroidery jobs easier. Whether your interest is gathering and pleating, cording, or fringe, we have the foot to fit your needs. Attach piping, sequins, and appliques effortlessly and accurately with the use of these handy accessories.
Reason #27 To Shop Schiller's

Our Antiques

(and We Are Not Talking about Al)

Ahhh. The oldies but goodies (hint: they really weren't always that good).  We know that our new machines certainly don't look like the ones Mom (or more likely grandma) used to use.  Just to prove it we have a collection of both antique/classic sewing machines and vacuum cleaners.  Some of the most interesting are the antique toy machines in our front window.
Reason #28 To Shop Schiller's

We Restore Antique Machines

It is not surprising that there are still so many antique/classic sewing machines out there.  Although technically a sewing machine is not "antique" unless it was pre-1900, to most of us a machine from the early 1900's still qualifies.  So long as the machine has not started to rust, we can usually restore the function and beauty of many of these machines.  Unfortunately, the original decals for these machines are no longer available but we (Eric) takes great care in making these machines both sew and look beautiful.  In so many cases it gives you a wonderful connection to both the person and time when this machine was in daily use.
Reason #29 To Shop Schiller's

Quilting Supplies

(with the exception of fabric)

I think that next to golf (and maybe machine embroidery) quilters have the most gadgets and accessories.  I know that we can't possibly have them all, but we do carry an awful lot of quilting supplies.  From all sorts of cotton threads to rotary cutters we can help make your next quilt a thing of beauty.  The only thing that we definitely do NOT have is fabric (go see Deb at Stitch Chicks for that).
Reason #30 To Shop Schiller's

New Classes Added All the Time

... and Now for Something Completely Different

Probably Melissa's toughest responsibility is coming up with all of the different classes that we offer.  Since we offer classes on such varied topics as machine embroidery, traditional sewing, quilting, software and much more; creating classes that are suitable for all ability levels can be quite a challenge.  But, she certainly does it, and quite well!  Our classes are designed to both educate and create a atmosphere that makes sewing FUN! If you come to our classes already, keep coming.  If you haven't then find one you like and register.  To keep up to date on our classes you should make sure that you are on our email list.
Reason #31 To Shop Schiller's

Events, Events, Events

(Everyone Likes A Good Party)

Although we certainly have wonderful in-store classes, our out-of-store events are something that you don't want to miss. We partner with some of our major vendors such as Brother, Baby Lock, OESD, and Floriani to hold major educational events. 

Reason #32 To Shop Schiller's

Rick's Been Doing This Since He Was A Boy

(And That's A Long time Ago)

Rick at age 20 (with hair)
To say that Schiller's has been a part of Rick's life for virtually all of his life is NOT an understatement.  He was in the store when he could walk from grammar school (yup, you could do that back then without worrying about being kidnapped or arrested) to his Dad's store.  He started working in the store when he was 16 to pay off his phone bill to his girlfriend (eventually wife).  By the time this photo was taken (I believe that was at age 20) he was working most weekends with his dad.  In 1993 he left United Technologies to take over the reigns at the store. As they say, the rest is history.
Reason #34 To Shop Schiller's

Eric Can Make Your Sewing Machine Purr

(or hum, or some other soothing noise)

Nearly 20 years ago Eric came to work at Schiller's as a part-time mechanic "for a little while" until he could hopefully find a job as a skilled mechanical engineer.  Well, like others here, that little while has become permanent.  Eric has likely serviced well over 10,000 sewing machines (at last count) of every vintage, brand and with every type of problem.  Whether your machine used to be your granmother's (or great grandmother's) or it's the latest in computerized embroidery, Eric can keep (or repair) your sewing machine running like new.
Reason #38 To Shop Schiller's

Follow Us On Facebook

(Please Like Us)

There is no question that social media has become an integral part of contemporary live.  Facebook has evolved as one of the largest outlets for social media.

We try very hard to maintain an active Facebook page so that you, our customers, can check out what is happening at Schiller's whenever it is convenient for you.

If you make sure to "like" our page then you will be sure to keep up to date on classes, events and promotions here in the store.
Reason #39 To Shop Schiller's

We Sell Miele Vacuum Cleaners

immer besser

As the largest, family owned, appliance company in the world, Miele has been creating the world's best vacuum cleaner for decades.  With a motto of "immer besser" (always better) Miele has consistently strived to create the best vacuum cleaners available.  We have handled the Miele vacuum cleaner product line as long as they have been available in the United States (they are designed and manufatured in Germany).  Unlike so many other products that we find at the so-called discount stores, Miele's obvious quality is like a breath of fresh air.  No matter what your vacuuming needs are, there is likely a Miele that can fit your needs and budget.  We are proud to be both a full line dealership and to have been designated as a "Diamond" Dealer (Miele's highest ranking).
Reason #40 To Shop Schiller's

We Sell Simplicity Vacuums

(Proudly Made in the USA)

Proudly made in St. James Missouri, Simplicity Vacuums has been producing some of the finest vacuum cleaners available.  With a full line of vacuum cleaners including uprights, canisters, specialty and central vacuums Simplicity can provide the appropriate vacuum cleaner no matter what your individual needs require.  We have handled Simplicity vacuums for nearly two decades.
Reason #41 To Shop Schiller's

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

for all makes and models

Basically, every vacuum cleaner ever made has additional parts to help you clean specific surfaces or perform different tasks.  Over time, these attachments and supplies will wear and need to be replaced.  We carry replacement accessories and supplies for virtually every manufacturers (both new and old).  If you need a replacement part or accessory for your vacuum cleaner we probably have it.
Reason #42 To Shop Schiller's

If We Don't Have That Part... We'll Get It!

(we try, but we can't really have everything in stock)

Over time, there have been countless thousands of different vacuum cleaner and sewing machine models. As much as we try to keep all of the possible parts in inventory, it is impossible to do so.  If you need a part that we don't have in stock, so long as it is still available, we will get it for you.  That's not something that you can get from any department store.
Reason #44 To Shop Schiller's

If We Can't Fix It... It Can't Be Done

(No matter how much duct tape you use)

Sometimes a repair requires more than just a new part installed... it may require creativity and ingenuity.  We have definitely repaired many a machine that, according to many, could not be fixed.  Unfortunately, if your machine is broken so badly that either we say it is beyound repair, or would cost more than the original cost of the machine, then it is likely time to look at our new machines.
Reason #45 To Shop Schiller's

If We Sell It There Is a Good Reason...

If We Don't ...There Is A Better One!

Even though we sell a great many different products, there is even more that we deliberately choose not to sell.  We are a business that has been here for a very long time, and plans on being here for a lot longer.  Part of that reason is that what we only sell those products that we are convinced are something that we would indeed be willing to purchase ourselves.  So, if you see something for sale in the store there is likely a fairly good reason for it to be here.  If you don't see a product (that maybe you have seen online or in another store) then there is likely an even better reason!
Reason #46 To Shop Schiller's

Commercial Discounts Available

Do you have a commercial cleaning company?  If you do, then you qualify for a 10% savings on all of your supplies that you purchase at Schiller's.  Sorry, but repair labor charges do not qualify.
Reason #47 To Shop Schiller's

The Impossible Take Just A Bit Longer

(cue theme music)

Well we certainly are not spies or do daring, death-defying, stunts but we have been know to do some repairs that were supposedly "impossible".  We can never promise that we can do the "impossible" but we certainly will try.
Reason #49 To Shop Schiller's

We'll Be Around For another 20 Years...And another 20...

Since we are on our 72nd Anniversary with hopefully many, many more a Disney (yea Brother) anniversary seemed appropriate.  It's always nice to work with a business that you know plans on being around for a long time.  so, shop here with the confidence that you will be able to get service and support as long as you need it.

Reason #50 To Shop Schiller's

New Products Added All The Time

(if we love it you probably will too)

We've all seen that new product that we know that we could have invented... but didn't.  At Schiller's our staff is constantly looking for that latest gadget or product that will make your (and our) life easier.  And if you've found something that we don't have please let us know.  If you like it others will probably like it as well.
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