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Relax Placemet

Date: Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

COST: $45.00

Are you interested in using your Scan N Cut to cut out applique? This is the class for you!  In this class you will scan a pattern, edit it, and cut out the applique for creating this placemat. You will need to have the background prepared ahead of time for placement. We will not do any sewing in this class so the project must be completed at home.

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Materials Needed

·        Scan N Cut

·        Mats (scanning, fabric, low tack and standard)

·        Weeding tools

·        Background Fabric (We strongly recommend you place a fusible backing on your background fabric)

·        Fabric for appliques

o   5”x 6” for Relax

o   6” x 9” for chair

o   3” x 3” for flipflops

o   2” x 3” for flipflops


·        Pattern – Chill N Relax by Patch Abilities (Available at Schiller’s for $10)

Applistick for all pieces


Time is Running Out!
This class will be held in only 1 day.
There are 5 spots left out of 6 available!
17% Registered


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