New York City Garment District Trip

Date: Friday, June 15th, 2018

Time: 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM

COST: $65.00

Schiller's will once again be hitting the road for our own NY City bus trip to the New York Garment district (where fabricaholics can think they died and went to heaven)!! We hope you will be excited to join us for a great day of shopping (and spending) fun.

Note:  Due to changes in the amount of time any individual driver can be driving, the bus company now requires 2 drivers for our trip.  This, not surprisingly, means that we have had to make a small increase in the cost our trip (still a great deal)!

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Schiller’s Goes (Once Again) To….

"The Big Apple/Garment District Trip
June 15th, 2018"


Even though it's mid-winter, there's can be LOTS of snow, it's never too early start planning for some warm weather FUN!!  To all of you that have called or emailed asking whether we are going to be doing our bus trip to the world-famous New York City Garment District, the answer is most definitely YES and here are all the details...

  • The cost for the trip is $65 (the increase is due to changes in the required number of bus drivers) and includes your transportation, information guide for the district and lots of freebies and give-a-ways to make the trip go by faster.
  • The bus can only hold 50 people so it is recommended that you register early. 
  • The bus will leave at promptly at 7:00 AM from the Jillson Square Parking Lot on lower Main Street (see the map if you don't know where it is). Sorry, but we can't arrange to have any other locations for pickup or drop off.  We do strongly recommend getting to the parking area at least 15 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave.
  • We will likely get into New York somewhere around 10:00 - 10:30 AM and will be dropped off as close to Mood Fabrics (Project Runways fabric supplier) as possible.
  • We once again plan to have Mood give us a tour of their facility. I do not know exactly when this will be but we will be trying to have it as early as possible. If you went on our last trip and don't want to tour Mood again you can go off on your own.
  • You are on your own once you are dropped off. We will be putting together a comprehensive guide for the Garment District giving you information on many of the stores as well as restaurants for lunch etc.
  • We plan to leave at 7:00 PM from a location which will be as close to where you were dropped off as possible. I am sorry that I can't give more details at the moment but we will make sure that everyone knows where to gather for the return trip.
  • We will be making a dinner stop but should be back in Willimantic about 10:00 PM



If you have any questions please call the store.

Thanks and have fun.


Sorry, Registration is closed for this class.