Wessel-Werk 35 Foot Villa Collection - Premium Power Nozzle Kit

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Professional floor nozzle including electrical brush

There is no compromise in cleanliness when using a Wessel•Werk electric brush! Deep down, heavy-duty cleaning is realized when full-time electric power is used to agitate the floor surface. Never again be concerned with reduced efficiencies due to loss of suction.

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The benefits at a glance

LED Headlight
Extremely durable, long lasting LED Headlight will not fail like conventional incandescent lamps. High output LEDs guarantees superior illumination.

Height Adjustment
The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 carpet height settings. The EBK 360 height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.

Large Intake Orifice
Dramatically reduces the chances of clogging and increases air flow to achieve enhanced effectiveness. The sculpted chevron brush roll guides debris towards intake orifice; provides constant and even brush contact to the floor; reduces wear and prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, motor, etc.

  • EBK360 Soft-Clean Power Nozzle
  • Electric Hose 1 3/8 x 35 Feet
  • 5 Piece Tool Set
  • 4 Piece Storage Set
35 Foot Premium Power Nozzle Kit with EBK360