Cutaway Medium, Heavy & Ultra Heavy


Floriani Medium Cutaway

Floriani Medium Cutaway is a very soft yet solid 2.0 oz stabilizer that will support medium to heavy stitch count designs. It is ideal for fabrics that are considered un-stable; fabrics such as fleece, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo knit, etc. Floriani Medium Cutaway stabilizer has a light fusible coating and is ideal for knits that tend to distort or stretch when they are hooped and/or when the embroidery is forming. The uniqueness of this product is the fact that it is fusible. This eliminates the need for messy spray adhesives which leave a residue on the needle, machine and fabric. By fusing the stabilizer to the back of the garment, embroiderer's are more successful in hooping and do not stretch the garment out of shape. Most importantly, the stabilizer is attached to the entire area where the embroidery will be stitched unlike spray adhesives which only "spot" tack and allow shifting of the fabric.

  • Use on non-stable stretch fabrics
  • Will support a design density of about 14,000 stitches and well digitized.
  • Super soft feel makes it ideal for sweatshirts, fleece and sweater knits.
  • Available in a fusible version which eliminates the need for spray adhesives or basting.

Floriani Heavy and UltraHeavy Cutaway

Floriani Heavy and UltraHeavy Cutaway are the perfect choice for your heavy duty jobs. It will keep stitches from disappearing into sweaters, fleece and knits and is ideal for home decor or upholstery fabrics. It offers a non-stretch base to ensure the embroidery holds its body for the life of the garment whether using a medium or heavy density type design. One layer is sufficient for most embroidery applications. Also use this 3.0 oz stabilizer to create stand alone patches and emblems or as a great foundation to test sew your new embroidery designs.

  • Use as a foundation to force the embroidery to the top of garments such as sweater knits and fleece.
  • Use behind home dec fabrics for a crisp finish for pillows, placemats, etc.
  • Use within purses and hand bags to add firmness without bulk.
  • Use in the hoop alone for stitch outs of new embroidery designs.
  • Ideal when embroidering very heavy or over digitized designs.


To use Floriani Medium Cutaway:

  1. Cut a piece of the stabilizer at least one inch larger than the hoop size you are planning to use.
  2. Place the stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric and hoop. Note! If using the fusible version, use a low to medium temp, dry iron (260°F, silk setting) to adhere to stabilizer to the back side of the fabric. The surface of the iron should touch the fabric not the stabilizer. Use a pressing cloth if necessary.
  3. Place the embroidery frame on the machine and complete the design. Note! If the design is denser than 14,000 stitches or if it is a poorly digitized design (too many stitches for the designs size), float an additional layer of Floriani Medium Tearaway between the hoop and the bed of the machine for each additional 10,000 stitches for added support.
  4. Once the design is complete, remove the hoop and garment from the machine and trim the stabilizer close to the design. If you have fused the stabilizer to the garment, apply heat and then pull it to the designs edge before trimming.


To use Floriani Heavy Cutaway:


  1. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer within the hoop with the garment. Be sure to use a piece at least one inch larger than the outer parameter of the hoop size.
  2. Center the design and embroider.
  3. Once the design is complete, remove the garment from the hoop and trim the stabilizer as close to the design as possible.


To make a patch or stand alone emblem with Floriani Heavy Cutaway:


  1. Place one layer of the stabilizer within the hoop.
  2. Embroider the design.
  3. Remove the stabilizer from the hoop and trim closely to the stitching or use a quilter's Stencil Burner tool to burn the stabilizer closely to the stitching.
  4. Apply Floriani's Appli-kay Wonder® to the back of the patch to adhere it to a garment. (Detailed directions for this product are on the package)