Hump Jumper

From SN Designs, the Hump Jumper®, the bright yellow sewing notion with the catchy odd name, solves the frustration of stitching over “humps” – those places were varying thickness of fabric can throw a perfectly good seam out of line. The “hump” frustration is created when the presser foot is tilted out of the required horizontal position necessary for a smooth, even feed. When the Hump Jumper® is placed under the back of the presser foot, abutting the “hump,” the back of the presser foot is lifted keeping the presser foot horizontal allowing for an even, continuous feed without any skipped stitches. Sewers know “humps:” a zipper at the bodice, belt loops, pants hems, drapery and craft projects, etc. A bent piece of yellow plastic, the Hump Jumper®, is available in two thicknesses, 1/16th and 1/8th, perfect for solving frustrating problems like corners: stitch to the corner, lift the presser foot, keeping the needle down, rotate the fabric 900, place the 1/16th under the presser foot, drop the foot and continue to stitch, sewing a perfect corner. Perfect for seam starts when stitching sheer fabrics.