Online Ordering Direct From RNK

Last week we told you that RNK (the parent company for Floriani, Embellish and RNK products) had opened an online portal for select dealerships to allow their customers to order both Floriani and RNK/Embellish products directly from RNK.

They have just done a major increase in the number of products that you can order.  You now can order most stabilizers, tools, software (FTC-U at the lowest price I've see) and notions.

Now, don’t worry, they are not taking anything away from their dealerships (we really are ok with this). This portal is linked to individual dealerships (ie. Schiller’s). Although, at this time, the products are limited to those items that they have as part of their national promotions, this selection is expected to expand.

Here is how to get to this online portal.

First: Go to
Next: The login password is “schillers” (all lower case,no quotes).

Our dealer portal will be displayed along with the currently available products.

At the present time not every product is available but the selection is increasing daily. The only major item that is still not available is individual spools of thread.

When you select an item you will be brought to a dialog box that allows you to add that to your cart.  When you are done with your selections just go to your cart and checkout. You can pay with either PayPal or credit card. You will (obviously) need to give them the appropriate information about who you are and where to ship the items.

We know that you would love to be able to order anything that Floriani and RNK sells, and that may eventually happen, but this is certainly a good starting point. You know that we will keep you up to date on this new option for purchasing the best embroidery supplies available.

IMPORTANT, if you prefer, we have all of your Floriani and Embellish products (and so much more) in stock. If you don’t want to come into the store, you can call or email your order and we will do curbside/parking lot delivery.