Baby Lock Serge-a-Thon

Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

COST: $0.00

Baby Lock is very excited about the 6th annual National Serger Month in April 2018! This year's Serge-a-thon will be held on April 28th.The Serge-A-Thon will support APQ's Million Pillowcase Challenge to create pillowcases that will be donated to local charities. In our case, all pillowcases will be donated to WAIM (Windham Area Interfaith Ministries) to be used in local shelters. We hope that you can join us.  All machines and fabric will be provided for you.

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Here's the Skinny:
We will be making pillowcases for a local charity!  WAIM is a wonderful charity that provides shelter, clothing and more to families all over the eastern side of CT.  All of our pillowcases we make will be donated to them to give to these families.

We will have 8 machines in the classroom for everyone to use.  We hope that each of you will make around 3 pillowcases each, and even get to play on the machines.  These pillowcases are very simple in construction and really only take a few minutes to make.   If we have time, available machines, and extra fabric, you are welcome to make more!  Last year we were able to donate nearly 300 pillowcases to WAIM.  We want to beat that number this year!
SHOW UP WHEN YOU CAN!  This is a FREE SEW style of event.  There is no set time when you need to show up and no set time when you have to leave.  We will have space, snacks and more.  
How it will Work
Once again, show up when you can!  If the machines are all full, just wait for a tad, and one will free up.  Once you show up, you will pick out a pre-cut bag of supplies, including a pattern, and the fabric needed.  The machines (8 of them) will be set up in the classroom pre-threaded with basic colors.  Choose one, and get started!  Laurie and Chelsey will be on duty all day to assist if you need help with construction, how the machine works, or how to purchase a Baby Lock of your very own.   You are welcome to bring down a pillowcase (or a few) to donate on that day if you cannot stay.   You will also get a fun card that will hang up on our wall that you participated in this wonderful charity event. 

We also need fabric donations! 
If you wish to help us even further with some old or unwanted fabrics, we would love it!  Please bring in at least 2-yard cuts.  If you feel really motivated and want to pre-cut some pillowcases for us, here are the dimensions:

Print 1: 26.5"X41" rectangle
Print 2: 10"X41" strip

If you wish to make some pillowcases BEFORE the event, we can link you to the pattern here.
The pattern we will be using that day is SLIGHTLY different (as in a different photo), but the same for instructions.  We cannot send out those patterns until the event.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chelsey at the store.


Sorry, Registration is closed for this class.