Continuous Machine Embroidery

Date: Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

COST: $10.00

Ever wanted to use your embroidery machine to quilt? Now you can, and make it look like a professional longarm!

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This class will go over the basics on how to take a quilt and quilt it on your embroidery machine in a few different methods. It will include 1 free design in which to play with and use made for an 8" x 12" Hoop.  We will also go over how to scan in and create your own designs if you have a Dream Machine with a quick video demo, and how to use purchased designs as well.  We are very excited about this wonderful technique and how easy it can be using your embroidery machine.  If you have one of the new Monster Snap Hoops, PLEASE bring it along!  Those hoops save an amazing amount of time and effort!

You will need:
-An embroidery machine capable of doing AT LEAST an 8" x 12" Hoop.
-a "Quilt Sandwich" of at least 36" x 24" (Either plain fabric or a quilt top with batting and backing.  Leave the batting and backing bigger than the top by a few inches)
-Your 8" x 12" Hoop or 9.5" x 14" Hoop.
-Thread and bobbin to match your quilt.  You can use cotton thread.  We prefer Aurifil.  Prewound or wound bobbins are fine.
-A stylus
-Your Embroidery Arm
-Your Sewing Bobbin Case

Please call the store if you have any questions!


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